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AT&T Cordless Phone – Manual Handset Registration

If the automatic new handset registration does not work by putting the handset in the base cradle, a manual registration process is available.

This is for the Accessory Handset model CL80113 for use with the following Base units: CL81113, CL81213, CL81313, CL82113, CL82213, CL82263, CL82313, CL82363, CL82413, CL82463, CL83113, CL83213, CL83263, CL83313, CL83363, CL83413, CL83463.

Press and hold the Handset Locater button in the base cradle until the In Use light is steady red. Release the button. The base display will say Registering…
Press the # key on an unregistered handset to start the registration process. That is it.

Adventures in the AT&T U-verseĀ®

My DSL internet was becoming painfully slow, so I decided to upgrade from 768K to 3Meg download speed. DSL was not available to me at 3Meg because of my distance from the exchange. I compared Uverse to Xfinity (Comcast) internet on price and chose Uverse. The order process was simple and it looked like the installation would be the same as the DSL installation. ie. Install phone line filters and plug the new modem in after the activation time.

The activation time rolled around and I plugged the modem in and went through AT&Ts configuration process. Everything went smoothly and I had higher speed internet. Sometime later I checked a phone for a dial tone, and there was none. Read on the follies that ensued.
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