MythTV Key Bindings

MythTV version 31 default key bindings. Dumped from the database table keybindings. MythTV user documentation for keybindings.

Keys are separated by a comma.

ArchiveTOGGLECUTToggle use cut list state for selected programC
BrowserFOLLOWLINKFollow selected linkReturn,Space,Enter
BrowserHISTORYBACKGo back to previous pageR,Backspace
BrowserHISTORYFORWARDGo forward to next pageF
BrowserMOUSEDOWNMove mouse pointer down8
BrowserMOUSELEFTMove mouse pointer left4
BrowserMOUSELEFTBUTTONMouse Left button click5
BrowserMOUSERIGHTMove mouse pointer right6
BrowserMOUSEUPMove mouse pointer up2
BrowserNEXTLINKMove selection to next linkZ
BrowserNEXTTABMove to next browser tabP
BrowserPAGEDOWNScroll down half a page9
BrowserPAGELEFTScroll left half a page7
BrowserPAGERIGHTScroll right half a page1
BrowserPAGEUPScroll up half a page3
BrowserPREVIOUSLINKMove selection to previous linkQ
BrowserPREVTABMove to previous browser tab
BrowserTOGGLEINPUTToggle where keyboard input goes toF1
BrowserZOOMINZoom in on browser window.,>
BrowserZOOMOUTZoom out on browser window
GlobalCOPYCopy text from texteditCtrl+C
GlobalCUTCut text from texteditCtrl+X
GlobalDOWNDown ArrowDown
GlobalEJECTEject Removable Media
GlobalHANDLEMEDIAPlay a media resource
GlobalINFOMore informationI
GlobalLEFTLeft ArrowLeft
GlobalMENUPop-up menuM,Meta+Enter
GlobalNEWLINEInsert newline into texteditCtrl+Return
GlobalNEXTMove to next widgetTab
GlobalNEXTVIEWNext ViewEnd
GlobalPAGEBOTTOMPage to bottom of list
GlobalPAGEDOWNPage DownPgDown
GlobalPAGEMIDDLEPage to middle of list
GlobalPAGETOPPage to top of list
GlobalPAGEUPPage UpPgUp
GlobalPASTEPaste text into texteditCtrl+V
GlobalPREVIOUSMove to previous widgetBacktab
GlobalPREVVIEWPrevious ViewHome
GlobalRIGHTRight ArrowRight
GlobalSCREENSHOTSave screenshot
GlobalSEARCHShow incremental search dialogCtrl+S
GlobalSYSEVENT01...10Trigger System Key Event #1...10
GlobalTVPOWEROFFTurn the display off
GlobalTVPOWERONTurn the display on
GlobalUPUp ArrowUp
ImagesCOVERSet or clear cover imageC
ImagesFLIPHORIZONTALFlip image horizontally
ImagesFLIPVERTICALFlip image vertically
ImagesFULLSIZEFull-size (un-zoom) image0
ImagesMARKMark imageT
ImagesPLAYStart/Stop SlideshowP
ImagesRECENTERRecenter image5
ImagesRECURSIVESHOWStart Recursive SlideshowR
ImagesROTLEFTRotate image left 90 degrees[,1
ImagesROTRIGHTRotate image right 90 degrees],3
ImagesSCROLLDOWNScroll image down8
ImagesSCROLLLEFTScroll image left4
ImagesSCROLLRIGHTScroll image right6
ImagesSCROLLUPScroll image up2
ImagesZOOMINZoom image in9
ImagesZOOMOUTZoom image out7
Long PressLONGPRESS1...4Up to 16 Keys per action that allow Long Press
Main MenuEXITSystem Exit
Main MenuEXITPROMPTDisplay System Exit PromptEsc
Main MenuSTANDBYMODEEnter Standby Mode
NewsCANCELCancel news item updatingC
NewsFORCERETRIEVEForce update news itemsM
NewsRETRIEVENEWSUpdate news itemsI
Teletext MenuMENUBLUEMenu BlueF5
Teletext MenuMENUGREENMenu GreenF3
Teletext MenuMENUREDMenu RedF2
Teletext MenuMENUWHITEMenu WhiteF6
Teletext MenuMENUYELLOWMenu YellowF4
Teletext MenuNEXTPAGENext PageDown
Teletext MenuNEXTSUBPAGENext SubpageRight
Teletext MenuPREVPAGEPrevious PageUp
Teletext MenuPREVSUBPAGEPrevious SubpageLeft
Teletext MenuREVEALReveal hidden TextF8
Teletext MenuTOGGLEBACKGROUNDToggle BackgroundF7
Teletext MenuTOGGLETTToggle TeletextT
TV EditingBIGJUMPFWDJump forward 10x the normal amount>,.
TV EditingBIGJUMPREWJump back 10x the normal amount,,<
TV EditingCLEARMAPClear editing cut pointsC,Q,HomeC,Q,Home
TV EditingINVERTMAPInvert Begin/End cut pointsI
TV EditingLOADCOMMSKIPLoad cuts from detected commercialsZ,End
TV EditingMENUCOMPACTCut point editor compact menuAlt+M
TV EditingNEXTCUTJump to the next cut pointPgDown
TV EditingPREVCUTJump to the previous cut pointPgUp
TV EditingSAVEMAPSave cuts
TV FrontendCHANGEGROUPVIEWChange Group View
TV FrontendCHANGERECGROUPChange Recording Group
TV FrontendCHANNELSEARCHShow the Channel Search
TV FrontendCHANUPDATESwitch channels without exiting guide in Live TV modeX
TV FrontendCUSTOMEDITEdit Custom Record Rule
TV FrontendCYCLEAUDIOCHANCycle audio channels
TV FrontendDAYLEFTPage the program guide back one dayHome
TV FrontendDAYRIGHTPage the program guide forward one dayEnd
TV FrontendDETAILSShow detailsU
TV FrontendFINDERShow the Program Finder#
TV FrontendGUIDEShow the Program GuideS
TV FrontendLISTRECORDEDEPISODESList recorded episodes
TV FrontendMUTEMute|,\,F9,Volume Mute
TV FrontendNEXTFAVCycle through channel groups and all channels in the program guide/
TV FrontendPAGELEFTPage the program guide left,,<
TV FrontendPAGERIGHTPage the program guide right<,.
TV FrontendPLAYBACKPlay ProgramP
TV FrontendPREVRECORDEDList previously recorded episodes
TV FrontendRANKDECDecrease program or channel rankLeft
TV FrontendRANKINCIncrease program or channel rankRight
TV FrontendSTOPPLAYBACKStop Program
TV FrontendTOGGLEEPGORDERReverse the channel order in the program guide
TV FrontendTOGGLEFAVToggle the current channel as a favorite?
TV FrontendTOGGLERECORDToggle recording status of current programR
TV FrontendUPCOMINGList upcoming episodesO
TV FrontendVIEWINPUTSwitch Recording Input viewC
TV FrontendVIEWSCHEDULEDList scheduled upcoming episodes
TV FrontendVOLUMEDOWNVolume down[,{,F10,Volume Down
TV FrontendVOLUMEUPVolume up],},F11,Volume Up
TV Playback3DNONENo 3D
TV Playback3DSIDEBYSIDE3D Side by Side
TV Playback3DSIDEBYSIDEDISCARDDiscard 3D Side by Side
TV Playback3DTOPANDBOTTOM3D Top and Bottom
TV Playback3DTOPANDBOTTOMDISCARDDiscard 3D Top and Bottom
TV PlaybackADJUSTSTRETCHTurn on time stretch controlA
TV PlaybackARBSEEKArbitrary Seek*
TV PlaybackBACKExit or return to DVD menuEsc
TV PlaybackBOTTOMLINEMOVEMove BottomLine off screenL
TV PlaybackBOTTOMLINESAVESave manual zoom for BottomLine
TV PlaybackCHANNELDOWNChannel downDown
TV PlaybackCHANNELUPChannel upUp
TV PlaybackCLEAROSDClear OSDBackspace
TV PlaybackCREATEPBPVIEWCreate Picture-by-Picture view
TV PlaybackCREATEPIPVIEWCreate Picture-in-Picture view
TV PlaybackCYCLEAUDIOCHANCycle audio channels
TV PlaybackCYCLECOMMSKIPMODECycle Commercial Skip mode
TV PlaybackDEBUGOSDToggle OSD playback information
TV PlaybackDISABLEEXTTEXTDisable External Subtitles
TV PlaybackDISABLEFORCEDSUBSDisable Forced Subtitles
TV PlaybackDISABLESUBSDisable any captions
TV PlaybackENABLEEXTTEXTEnable External Subtitles
TV PlaybackENABLEFORCEDSUBSEnable Forced Subtitles
TV PlaybackENABLESUBSEnable any captions
TV PlaybackEXITSHOWNOPROMPTSExit Show without any prompts
TV PlaybackFFWDSTICKYFast Forward (Sticky) or Forward one second while paused<,.
TV PlaybackFINDERShow the Program Finder#
TV PlaybackGUIDEShow the Program GuideS
TV PlaybackINFOWITHCUTLISTInfo utilizing cutlist
TV PlaybackJUMPBKMRKJump to bookmarkK
TV PlaybackJUMPFFWDJump aheadPgDown
TV PlaybackJUMPPREVJump to previously played recording
TV PlaybackJUMPRECDisplay menu of recorded programs to jump to
TV PlaybackJUMPRWNDJump backPgUp
TV PlaybackJUMPSTARTJump to the start of the recordingCtrl+B
TV PlaybackJUMPTOCHAPTERJump to a chapter
TV PlaybackJUMPTODVDCHAPTERMENUJump to the DVD Chapter Menu
TV PlaybackJUMPTODVDROOTMENUJump to the DVD Root Menu
TV PlaybackJUMPTODVDTITLEMENUJump to the DVD Title Menu
TV PlaybackJUMPTOPOPUPMENUJump to the Popup Menu
TV PlaybackJUMPTOTITLESwitch title
TV PlaybackMENUBLUEMenu BlueF5
TV PlaybackMENUCOMPACTPlayback Compact MenuAlt+M
TV PlaybackMENUGREENMenu GreenF3
TV PlaybackMENUREDMenu RedF2
TV PlaybackMENUTEXTMenu TextF7
TV PlaybackMENUYELLOWMenu YellowF4
TV PlaybackMUTEMute|,\,F9,Volume Mute
TV PlaybackNEXTAUDIONext audio track+
TV PlaybackNEXTCARDNext Card
TV PlaybackNEXTCCNext of any captions
TV PlaybackNEXTCC608Next VBI CC track
TV PlaybackNEXTCC708Next ATSC CC track
TV PlaybackNEXTFAVSwitch to the next favorite channel/
TV PlaybackNEXTINPUTNext InputC
TV PlaybackNEXTPIPWINDOWToggle active PIP/PBP windowB
TV PlaybackNEXTRAWTEXTNext Text track
TV PlaybackNEXTSCANNext video scan overidemode
TV PlaybackNEXTSOURCENext Video SourceY
TV PlaybackNEXTSUBTITLENext subtitle track
TV PlaybackPAUSEPauseP,Space
TV PlaybackPLAYPlayCtrl+P
TV PlaybackPREVAUDIOPrevious audio track-
TV PlaybackPREVCC608Previous VBI CC track
TV PlaybackPREVCC708Previous ATSC CC track
TV PlaybackPREVCHANSwitch to the previous channelH
TV PlaybackPREVRAWTEXTPrevious Text track
TV PlaybackPREVRECORDEDDisplay previously recorded episodes
TV PlaybackPREVSOURCEPrevious Video Source
TV PlaybackPREVSUBTITLEPrevious subtitle track
TV PlaybackQUEUETRANSCODEQueue the current recording for transcodingX
TV PlaybackRWNDSTICKYRewind (Sticky) or Rewind one second while paused,,<
TV PlaybackSEEKABSOLUTESeek to a position in seconds
TV PlaybackSEEKFFWDFast ForwardRight
TV PlaybackSEEKRWNDRewindLeft
TV PlaybackSELECTAUDIO_0...1Play audio track 1...2
TV PlaybackSELECTCC608_0...3Display VBI CC1...4
TV PlaybackSELECTCC708_0...3Display ATSC CC1...4
TV PlaybackSELECTRAWTEXT_0Display Text Subtitle 1Display Text Subtitle 1
TV PlaybackSELECTSUBTITLE_0...1Display subtitle 1...2
TV PlaybackSETAUDIOSYNCSet the audio sync adjustment
TV PlaybackSETBOOKMARKAdd Bookmark
TV PlaybackSETBRIGHTNESSSet the picture brightness
TV PlaybackSETCOLOURSet the picture color
TV PlaybackSETCONTRASTSet the picture contrast
TV PlaybackSETHUESet the picture hue
TV PlaybackSETVOLUMESet the volume
TV PlaybackSIGNALMONMonitor Signal QualityAlt+F7
TV PlaybackSKIPCOMMBACKSkip Commercial (Reverse)Q,Home
TV PlaybackSKIPCOMMERCIALSkip CommercialZ,End
TV PlaybackSPEEDDECDecrease the playback speedJ
TV PlaybackSPEEDINCIncrease the playback speedU
TV PlaybackSTRETCHDECDecrease time stretch speed
TV PlaybackSTRETCHINCIncrease time stretch speed
TV PlaybackSWAPPIPSwap PBP/PIP WindowsN
TV PlaybackSWITCHTOANGLESwitch angle
TV PlaybackTEXTEXITMenu ExitF6
TV PlaybackTOGGLEASPECTToggle the video aspect ratioCtrl+W
TV PlaybackTOGGLEAUDIOSYNCTurn on audio sync adjustment controls
TV PlaybackTOGGLEBOOKMARKToggle Bookmark
TV PlaybackTOGGLEBROWSEToggle channel browse modeO
TV PlaybackTOGGLECCToggle any captionsT
TV PlaybackTOGGLECC608Toggle VBI CC
TV PlaybackTOGGLECC708Toggle ATSC CC
TV PlaybackTOGGLECHANCONTROLSRecording picture adjustments for this channelCtrl+G
TV PlaybackTOGGLEFAVToggle the current channel as a favorite?
TV PlaybackTOGGLEFILLNext Preconfigured Zoom modeW
TV PlaybackTOGGLENIGHTMODEToggle night modeCtrl+F
TV PlaybackTOGGLEPBPMODEToggle Picture-by-Picture viewCtrl+V
TV PlaybackTOGGLEPICCONTROLSPlayback picture adjustmentsF
TV PlaybackTOGGLEPIPMODEToggle Picture-in-Picture viewV
TV PlaybackTOGGLEPIPSTATEChange PxP view
TV PlaybackTOGGLERAWTEXTToggle Text Subtitles
TV PlaybackTOGGLERECCONTROLSRecording picture adjustments for this recorderG
TV PlaybackTOGGLERECORDToggle recording status of current programR
TV PlaybackTOGGLESLEEPToggle the Sleep TimerF8
TV PlaybackTOGGLESTRETCHToggle time stretch speed
TV PlaybackTOGGLESUBTITLEToggle Subtitles
TV PlaybackTOGGLETEXTToggle External Subtitles
TV PlaybackTOGGLETTCToggle Teletext Captions
TV PlaybackTOGGLETTMToggle Teletext Menu
TV PlaybackTOGGLEUPMIXToggle audio upmixerCtrl+U
TV PlaybackTOGGLEVISUALISATIONToggle audio visualisation
TV PlaybackVIEWSCHEDULEDDisplay scheduled recording list
TV PlaybackVOLUMEDOWNVolume down[,{,F10,Volume Down
TV PlaybackVOLUMEUPVolume up],},F11,Volume Up
TV PlaybackZOOMASPECTDOWNZoom mode - decrease aspect ratio
TV PlaybackZOOMASPECTUPZoom mode - increase aspect ratio
TV PlaybackZOOMCOMMITZoom mode - commit changes
TV PlaybackZOOMDOWNZoom mode - shift down
TV PlaybackZOOMHORIZONTALINZoom mode - horizontal zoom in6
TV PlaybackZOOMHORIZONTALOUTZoom mode - horizontal zoom out4
TV PlaybackZOOMINZoom mode - zoom in
TV PlaybackZOOMLEFTZoom mode - shift left
TV PlaybackZOOMOUTZoom mode - zoom out
TV PlaybackZOOMQUITZoom mode - quit and abandon changes
TV PlaybackZOOMRIGHTZoom mode - shift right
TV PlaybackZOOMUPZoom mode - shift up
TV PlaybackZOOMVERTICALINZoom mode - vertical zoom in8
TV PlaybackZOOMVERTICALOUTZoom mode - vertical zoom out2
VideoDECPARENTDecrease Parental Level[,{,F10
VideoDOWNLOADDATADownload metadata for current itemW
VideoFILTEROpen video filter dialogF
VideoINCPARENTIncrease Parental Level],},F11
VideoINCSEARCHShow Incremental Search DialogCtrl+S
VideoITEMDETAILDisplay Item Detail Popup
VideoPLAYALTPlay selected item in alternate playerALT+P
WeatherNEXTSEARCHSearch ListN
WeatherPAUSEPause current pageP
WeatherSEARCHSearch List/
WeatherUPDATEUpdate ListU