HTML <noscript> Tag Usage

I did a Google search using a search query that a user had performed to get to I wanted to see where it showed up in the search results. When I found it in the results, I was surprised to see the text from inside the <noscript> tag, ”Javascript is required”, in the result summary.

I was thinking that search engines would ignore the contents of the <noscript> tag. After doing some research into the purpose of the <noscript> tag, I found out that its purpose is to show the contents of the site without the Javascript features. Not for indicating that Javascript is necessary to use the site. So it is perfectly reasonable that search engines would index the contents of the <noscript> tag.

I moved the <noscript> tag from the top of every page to just the top of the Help page. In the future, I may try and make the site more usable without Javascript.